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Biography  is a company in the implementation of Corporate Digital Radio Stations via the Internet. creates, develops and manages tailor-made online radio channels based on the following systems: Brand Radio (radio for brands), In Store Radio (musical setting and advertising solutions for chain stores) and Premium Radio Channels (radio solutions without commercials). Through innovative and advanced cutting-edge radio services, offers companies, organizations and institutions the possibility to incorporate into their marketing strategy the creation of their own radio platform to promote their products and special offers and to disseminate any corporate information of interest.

Just press play


Just press play is our ambition to make it easier for our customers to play better music. We now have more music that’s easier to play than ever before, and our commitment remains as strong as ever.
Just press play means we’ve made ease of use our top priority.  We’re giving our customers a broader range of music every day.
We want to offer the world’s best music for businesses at a fair price. A price that’s fair to our customers and fair to the music makers.

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